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Words of Chinese Origin Used in Brazil

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In this lesson, you’ll learn some words of Chinese origin that are used in Brazil.

I invited teacher Xiaofen from Aula de Chinês to talk with me about some words of Chinese origin that are used in Brazil.

Here's a list of words of Chinese origin that are commonly used in Brazil:

Portuguese - Chá (tea)

Chinese - chá 茶

Portuguese - Feng Shui (Chinese art used to harmonize the house)

Chinese - fēngshuǐ 风水

Portuguese - Kung Fu (Chinese martial art)

Chinese - gōngfu 功夫

Portuguese - Tai Chi Chuan (Chinese martial art)

Chinese - tàijíquán 太极拳

Portuguese – Pingue-pongue (table tennis)

Chinese - pīngpāng 乒乓

Portuguese – Pequinês (Pekingese or Beijinger)

Chinese – shīzigǒu (Pekingese) or Běijīngrén (Beijinger)

Portuguese – Nanquim (black ink or the city Nanjing)

Chinese - mò 墨 (ink) nánjīng 南京 (city)

Portuguese – Ginseng

Chinese - rénshēn 人参

Portuguese – Yin Yang

Chinese - yīnyáng 阴阳

That's it, guys. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about words of Chinese origin that are used in Brazilian Portuguese. Don't forget tot watch the video to learn how to pronounce these words.

I’d like to know if you already knew these words, and what other words of Chinese origin you know. Leave a comment below with your answer.

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