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Brazilian Portuguese Online Courses

Would you like to learn Portuguese from the comfort of your home?

In this lesson, I will tell you how my school works, what courses I offer, and how I can help you learn Brazilian Portuguese without leaving your home.

Why Online Courses?

I love online courses! I just signed up for an online Italian course, and I also take French conversation classes online. I like to use the technologies we have today to study languages.

For that reason, in early 2018, I created a 100% online school to teach Brazilian Portuguese.

At my school, I offer courses for all levels and lots of free resources.

What are the free resources?

Pronunciation mini-course

In this 7-day mini-course, you will learn the pronunciation of the most common sounds of Brazilian Portuguese that usually are different from other languages.

30-day Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to encourage you to practice a little bit every day for 30 days so that you create the habit of practicing Portuguese regularly. By the end of 30 days, you will have practiced the most important tenses, lots of useful vocabulary and will feel more confident speaking Portuguese.

My YouTube Channel

Every Tuesday, I post a new lesson on my YouTube channel with tips on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, travel, culture, history, and many other things related to Brazil and the Portuguese language. Today, you will find almost 200 videos available on this channel.

Q&As and Live Classes

Once a month, on the first or second Thursday of every month, I offer a live Q&A on my YouTube channel. Also, occasionally, I offer free live classes. To receive notifications about my free classes, sign up for my Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

My Blog

You will find many Portuguese lessons on this blog.

Speaking Brazilian Podcast

If you love listening to podcasts, I recommend the Speaking Brazilian Podcast. In this podcast, I publish the same audio from my videos so you can listen and study Portuguese anywhere. You'll find my podcast on Spotify, Apple, and many other places.

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

I also share a lot of content on social media, especially on Instagram and my private Facebook group and Instagram account.

What courses do I offer at my school?

These are the 4 main courses I offer. If you are starting to study Portuguese now, I recommend that you take the courses in this order:

  1. The Essential Course for Beginners

  2. Pre-Intermediate Workshop

  3. Grammar in Conversation Workshop

  4. Speaking Brazilian Academy

Let's start talking from beginner level to advanced level.

The Essential Course for Beginners

This is the most comprehensive course for beginners you will find online. The beginner’s course is intensive and will give you a solid foundation in the language in just 12 weeks.

The Essential Course for Beginners offers easy-to-follow lessons and a perfect balance between grammar and conversation practice to guide you to start speaking Portuguese from the first week!

This course is suitable for beginners who are studying Portuguese for the first time and those who have already been learning the language for some time and would like to brush up their Portuguese.

Pre-Intermediate Workshop

This course offers a thorough review of the most essential content with many exercises and conversation practices that will prepare you for day-to-day conversations.

This course is suitable for upper beginner level students who have already studied all the basic content but still need some help reviewing and practicing before joining an intermediate-level class.

Grammar in Conversation Workshop

This is the only course I offer today that focuses on grammar. This course aims to give students a solid foundation in intermediate-level grammar, who have already studied all the basic content but still need to learn or review more advanced grammar.

Speaking Brazilian Academy

The focus of classes in the Academy is upper-intermediate level conversation. The Academy is the best place to practice Portuguese regularly, become more fluent, improve and maintain your Portuguese in an informal and fun setting. This course is not recommended for beginners (not even Spanish speakers).

The objective of the Academy is to give you a space to speak Portuguese regularly. The combination of the lessons, live classes, and support of our community will help you improve your Portuguese naturally by being in contact with the language in several different ways.

The 4 courses include:

- Option to have live classes via Zoom once a week with a Brazilian teacher in a small group (6 to 10 students).

- A live Q&A with me (Virginia) once a week.

- Course material available for download.

- Lifetime access to material and recorded lessons (except for the Academy because it's a subscription program).

- Support 7 days a week in an online community created exclusively for students. In this community, you also have a space to do homework and receive feedback from teachers.

What about private classes?

In addition to the courses, my team of teachers is also available for private lessons. If you doubt whether to take a course or private lessons, I recommend that you take a course, as my courses are very complete, and you will learn a lot. Besides, they are more affordable.

Should I take private classes?

I recommend private lessons in the following cases:

1. If you want to learn Portuguese for a very specific reason, for example, to prepare for a job interview in Portuguese.

2. If you have a hard time learning Portuguese and need personalized help.

3. If you need to learn Portuguese quickly and would like to take several classes per week.

4. If you don't like group classes and prefer to have private lessons.

5. If course enrollment is closed and you would like to start studying Portuguese right away.

How can I sign up?

Since I work with a very small team, I open enrollment for our courses only 3 times a year. At the moment I'm publishing this article, enrollment is open. Click here to learn more about the courses and sign up.

That's it, guys! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about how my school works.

Até a próxima!

Virginia Langhammer

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