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Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys - VLOG in Brazilian Portuguese

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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In this lesson, you will learn Portuguese in a fun way. I will take you with me on an adventure. We'l go SCUBA Diving in the Florida Keys!

Scuba Diving Certification

I have just completed my NAUI certification to be able to dive in open waters. Getting certified is very important for you to dive safely.

I talked with my instructor, Vince, from Captain Hook’s on Big Pine Key, and these are his tips for anyone considering diving for the first time:

  1. Find a good professional organization to do your scuba dive training, such as NAUI, PADI, SSI and TDI.

  2. Meet your instructor and talk about any concerns you may have.

  3. It is important to know how to swim. Before starting your diving classes, do some snorkeling practice in the water.

  4. When scuba diving, remember to always breathe. Never hold your breath.

  5. Relax and enjoy. No cats in water!

  • certificação - certification

  • mergulhar - diving

  • treinamento - training

  • respirar - breathe

  • respiração - breath

What equipment to use?

Scuba diving equipment has been very well thought out and built to make diving easy and safe. Here's a list of some of the equipment I've used:

  1. cilindro de ar - air cylinder

  2. colete equilibrador - buoyancy control device

  3. máscaramask

  4. pé de pato ou nadadeira - flipper or fin

  5. macacão de neoprene - wetsuit

Scuba Diving in Looe Key

Looe Key is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, a conservation area for corals and marine life.

More than one hundred and fifty species of fish live here, such as grouper, parrot fish, hogfish, barracuda, and the striped fish, which are the sergeant majors. The last time I came here, I also saw a shark.

Fishing is not allowed in the Loop Key, and in some areas, not even visiting is allowed. Unfortunately, the corals here, as in other parts of the world, are suffering the impact of human action on the planet and are bleaching, whitening and dying.

Corals are animals that normally live in a compact community. When these coral communities of different species grow, they form coral reefs. Coral reefs cover only one percent of the planet's marine area, but twenty-five percent of marine diversity is found on these reefs. They are like the rainforests of the oceans, promoting an environment conducive to life and biodiversity.

  • coraiscorals

  • peixesfish

  • tubarãoshark

  • garoupa - grouper

  • peixe papagaio - parrot fish

  • peixe porco - hog fish

  • barracuda - barracuda

  • espéciesspecies

  • pescarfishing

  • recifesreefs

  • ambiente - environment

  • biodiversidade - biodiversity

That's it, everybody! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about my Scuba Diving adventure. See a list of vocabulary in Portuguese below.

Lista de Vocabulário (Vocabulary List)

  1. certificação - certification

  2. mergulhar - diving

  3. treinamento - training

  4. nadar - swimming

  5. cilindro de ar - air cylinder

  6. colete equilibrador - buoyancy control device

  7. equilibrar - balance

  8. flutuar – float

  9. flutuação – buoyancy

  10. máscara – mask

  11. pé de pato ou nadadeira - flipper or fin

  12. macacão de neoprene – wetsuit

  13. oxigênio - oxygen

  14. nitrogênio – nitrogen

  15. barco – boat

  16. corais – corals

  17. peixes – fish

  18. tubarão – shark

  19. garoupa - grouper

  20. peixe papagaio - parrot fish

  21. peixe porco - hog fish

  22. barracuda - barracuda

  23. equipamento – equipment

  24. tomar cuidado - be careful

  25. seguro – safe

  26. espécies – species

  27. pescar – fishing

  28. recifes – reefs

  29. ambiente - environment

  30. biodiversidade - biodiversity

  31. segurança – safety

  32. visibilidade - visibility

Até a próxima!

Your teacher,


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