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Interview with polyglot Steve Kaufmann in Portuguese

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Oi pessoal!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Kaufmann for my YouTube channel, and I’m thrilled to share an excerpt of this interview with you. The complete version of the interview will be available on my YouTube channel by the end of the week.

Steve is a polyglot who speaks more than 20 languages. He is the founder of LingQ, an online platform that offers a large amount of content in many different languages.

And, of course, Steve speaks Portuguese! In this interview, Steve told me why he decided to learn Portuguese and how his learning journey was. He talks about his struggles and his recommendations for learning this language or any other language.

Here are some takeaways from this interview:

Why did Steve decide to learn Portuguese?

- Steve loves traveling to Brazil and Portugal, which is a motivation to learn the language.

What was the most challenging thing about learning Portuguese?

- Although Portuguese and Spanish are similar, there are also many differences. It is a challenge to learn and remember these differences when speaking.

What is Steve’s recommendation for those who are learning Portuguese?

- Steve recommends finding the right motivation, such as watching movies, listening to songs, talking with a friend, anything that motivates you to learn the language.
- Steve reminds us of the importance of consuming passive content, such as podcasts and videos, that will feed your brain and prepare you to use the language.

If you’re interested in learning more about Steve’s work, he is giving a special discount for members of the Speaking Brazilian family that wish to join his membership program.

Click here to learn more about LingQ. (This is an affiliate link, which means that if you sign up for LingQ using this link, I might receive a commission.)

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

What did you find most interesting about the interview?

Leave a comment below with your answer.

Até a próxima!

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