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Meditation in Portuguese

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Oi pessoal!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nuno Cramês about meditation for my YouTube channel, and I’m thrilled to share this interview with you.

Nuno works with meditation and quality of life. He has been practicing meditation since 2002. Nuno is an expert in this topic, so I invited him to talk about it today.

Here are some takeaways from this interview:

What is meditation?

"Meditation is a state of consciousness, in its strictest definition. But what matters most is how to train meditation, how to train to silence the mind, how to stop this inner dialogue that hardly stops. So, meditation training aims to silence these thoughts in a pleasurable way".

How much time do you dedicate to this?

" I take advantage of all the classes I teach to train too. At that moment when I teach students to meditate, I go ahead and do my meditation too, so I add many minutes and use a lot of my teaching time to meditate. So, I guess my answer is daily".

Tell us a little bit about your work.

"[The DeRose Meditation] is an online platform of live and interactive classes, where our students can schedule a class, they can join the classes, and there is always an instructor, a professional on the other side to personalize the class, to guide, correct, provide alternatives, and make the student's experience much more enriching.
And, in addition to the classes, we also have workshops that aim to encourage each of them to do specific training for their well-being, to relieve stress, so that the student's quality of life can be improved".

Nuno and his team are offering us the opportunity to try their classes, free of charge, until the 15th of July.

You can practice in Portuguese, if you want. On their platform, they offer classes in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. If you can understand our conversation without needing subtitles, I recommend that you try taking classes in Portuguese, so you can practice. But, if you still find it difficult, you can try lessons in English or Spanish.

Click the link below to learn more:

DeRose Meditation.

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

What did you find most interesting about the interview?

Leave a comment below with your answer.

Até a próxima!

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