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How to use the word JÁ

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Do you know how to use the word JÁ?

The word JÁ can be used in different ways and can have different translations into other languages depending on the context. For this reason, it’s a somewhat complicated word.

I’m going to explain to you the most common uses of this word.

1. We use the word JÁ to indicate a completed action. In this case, the word JÁ can be translated into English as "already".

For example:

- Eu já li este livro (I have already read this book).

2. We also use the word JÁ to ask questions about the past. In this case, the word JÁ can be translated into English as "yet".

For example:

- Você já leu este livro? (Have you read this book yet?)

Now, an important detail. To answer these questions, you don't always use the word JÁ. We use the word JÁ only in affirmative sentences, never in negative sentences. In negative sentences, we usually use the word "never".

For example, how to answer the question:

- Você já foi ao Brasil? (Have you ever been to Brazil?)

You can say:

- Sim, eu já fui ao Brasil. (Yes, I’ve already been to Brazil.)

- Não, eu nunca fui ao Brasil. (No, I’ve never been to Brazil.)

You cannot say:

- Eu já não fui ao Brasil. (I haven't already been to Brazil) - This sentence doesn't make sense.

3. The word JÁ can also be used to refer to something that will be done soon, in a short time.

For example:

- Eu vou ao mercado e já volto. (I'm going to the market and I'll be right back).

It means that I will be back in a short time.

That's it! Now you know how to use the word JÁ.

Now, it's homework time. Write a comment using the word JÁ.

Have you ever been to Brazil? Did you already know how to use the word JÁ?

Leave a comment below with your answer.

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