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On this website, you are going to find everything you need to learn Brazilian Portuguese naturally and without stress.


But first, I'll tell you a little bit about myself:


My name is Virginia Langhammer. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil, now living in New York since March 2013 with my husband, Rob, and my little dog, Wilson.

I've been teaching Portuguese as a second language in NYC since 2014. I find it fascinating to teach my beautiful language to people from many different nationalities.


I've always been passionate about languages. Other than Portuguese, I also speak English, French, and Spanish. My own knowledge of different languages allows me to better understand and help my students.


Why I created Speaking Brazilian:


I have tried many different methods to learn new languages. Although I believe that everything works if you are a dedicated student, the method that I recommend the most is joining a good online school and being part of an online community.

I taught at language schools in NYC for many years and all my students had the same problem: they didn't have the tools to practice the language outside the classroom regularly. In addition, the material available in Brazilian Portuguese is usually outdated and artificial.


That is why I created Speaking Brazilian: to provide authentic, up-to-date and quality material so that you can study Portuguese regularly wherever and whenever works best for you, and also to create an online community where you can interact with other learners of Brazilian Portuguese.


I have been studying languages with online programs since 2014 and the result has been incredible!


For this reason, I want to provide you with the same kind of material that I find useful for me when I am studying a foreign language. I want to use my experience to help you learn Portuguese in a natural, efficient and stress-free way. Want to know how? 


To start studying with Speaking Brazilian follow these 2 steps:


Step 1: Sign up for my free mini-course in Pronunciation. This course is suitable for beginners who are studying Portuguese for the first time, or for those who already have been studying the language for some time but still have doubts about pronunciation. 


Step 2: Follow Speaking Brazilian on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to keep in contact with Brazilian Portuguese.


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Virginia Langhammer


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