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Brazilian Portuguese Week

April 16 to 22 - Every day at 2 pm EST

7 live classes in 7 days


Meet your teacher

Virginia Langhammer

Virginia Langhammer
Founder and Director

Oi, pessoal!

I'm Virginia, your Brazilian Portuguese teacher.

I created this school to help Portuguese learners around the world achieve their dream of becoming fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.

I've always been passionate about languages. Other than Portuguese (my native language), I also speak English, French, and Spanish. My own experience with foreign language learning has given me the vital tools to help my students in their learning journey.

I look forward to helping you improve your Portuguese during Brazilian Portuguese Week!

Your teacher,



April 16 to 22, 2023

Live classes will be held every day at 2 pm EST (NY time) and will last one hour. 

If you are unable to attend a class, you can watch a recording on our website.

Class 1 - Verb Conjugation for Beginners

Class 2 - Basic Conversation for Beginners

Class 3 - Pronunciation Training - Open and closed vowels (recommended for all levels)

Class 4 - Pronunciation training - Nasal sounds (recommended for all levels)

Class 5 - Intermediate level class - Subjunctive Mood

Class 6 - Intermediate level class - Idiomatic Expressions

Class 7 - How to improve your listening skills + Q&A (recommended for all levels)


Thank you for the brilliant content and the amazing teaching methodology.

—  Gisele O.


Giveaways & Speaking Challenge

Those who actively participate in the live classes via chat will enter a giveaway. Every day, I will give away some special gifts.

During this week, I will also host a speaking challenge on Instagram to encourage you to practice what you learned in class. Each day, I will give you a different assignment, and those who participate in the challenge will also enter a giveaway.

Follow me on Instagram: @Virginia_Langhammer


  • Downloadable material for each class

  • Online forum - a place to ask questions and interact with other students

  • Recording of each class available for 14 days

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