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Internet Language in Brazil: Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Today I’m going to share with you all a list of abbreviations and acronyms that Brazilians often use on the internet.

This new dialect already has a name: “internetês.” And it’s here to stay.

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Abs – abraços (hugs)

For example: - Tchau! Abs (Bye! Hugs!)

Bjs – beijos (kisses)

For example:- Tchau! Bjs* (Bye! Kisses!)

*Brazilians almost always say goodbye on the phone or text message by sending kisses or hugs. So, these abbreviations are used a lot.

Blz – beleza (literally beauty, slang what’s up?)

For example:- E aí? Blz? (So? What’s up?)

Cmg – comigo (with me)

For example: - Ele tá aqui cmg (He’s here with me)

Ctg – Contigo (with you)

For example:- Posso ir ctg? (Can I go with you?)

Gnt – gente (people/everyone)

For example:- Oi gnt! (Hi people/everyone!)

Glr – galera (people)

For example: - Oi glr! *(Hi people! / Hi everyone!)

*In this way, the words “gente” and “galera” have the same meaning. We use these words to refer to a group of people. The word “galera” is a little more informal.

Mds – meu Deus* (my God)

For example:- Mds! Não acredito! (My God! I don’t believe it!)

*In the internet world, this abbreviation is used as an interjection to indicate surprise or another emotion.

Msg – mensagem (message)

For example: - Me envia uma msg (Send me a message)

Mto – muito (very)

For example:- Tô mto cansada (I’m very tired)

Ngm – ninguém (no one)

For example: - Não tem ngm aqui (There’s no one here)

Obg – obrigado ou obrigada (thank you)

For example:- Mto obg! (Thank you very much!)

Pfv – por favor (please)

For example: - Vc pode me ligar, pfv? (Can you call me please?)

Pq – porque ou por que (because or why)

For example: - Pq ele n veio? (Why didn’t he come?)

Qdo – quando (when)

For example:- Qdo vc chega? (When will you get here?)

Qto – quanto (how much)

For example:- Qto custou? (How much does it cost?)

Rs – risos* (laughs)

*This abbreviation is used to express when you find something funny.

Another expression that’s used a lot on the internet is “kkkkk” to indicate that something is very funny. It’s similar to LOL in English.

Sdd(s) – saudade ou saudades (nostalgia)

For example:- Tô com mta sdd (I miss you a lot!)

Tbm – também (also/too)

For example:- Eu tbm (Me too)

Td – tudo (Everything/all)

For example:- Td bem? (literally all good? Or how are you?)

Vc – você (you)

For example:- Quero falar com vc (I want to talk to you)

Vdd – verdade (true)

For example: - É vdd (It’s true)

Zapzap – Whatsapp*

*This word isn’t an abbreviation, it’s internet slang. The word WhatsApp is hard for Brazilians to pronounce, so Brazilians started calling it zapzap. And Brazilians use WhatsApp a lot, folks!

That's it, everybody! I hope you enjoyed this lesson!

Até a próxima!

Speaking Brazilian School Team

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