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Get ready to travel to Brazil - Crash Course

In this course, you will learn all the essential vocabulary you need to know to communicate with Brazilians during your trip to Brazil:

- Survival phrases

- How to ask for directions

- Vocabulary to use in airports, hotels, and restaurants

- Essential tips to get by in Brazil

This course aims to teach essential vocabulary to anyone planning to travel to Brazil.

It is recommended for those who have never studied Portuguese before and for those who have but would like to review the content.

Please note that the purpose of this course is to review and teach travel vocabulary only as complementary material to the regular courses offered by the Speaking Brazilian School.


To learn Brazilian Portuguese thoroughly, including all aspects of the language, such as grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking, conversation practice, and other things, we recommend the other courses offered by our school:

1. The Essential Course for Beginners 

2. Pre-Intermediate Workshop

3. Grammar in Conversation Workshop

4. Speaking Brazilian Academy

Course Curriculum

MÓDULO 1: Frases de sobrevivência - Survival phrases

  • Como cumprimentar pessoas – How to greet people

  • Como se apresentar – How to introduce yourself

  • Como melhorar sua comunicação – How to improve your communication

  • Como falar com educação – How to speak politely

  • Como pedir informações – How to ask for directions

  • Lista de vocabulário: lugares na cidade - Vocabulary list: places in the city


MÓDULO 2: No aeroporto - At the airport

  • Fazendo Check-in – Checking in

  • Passando pelo controle de segurança – Going through security check

  • Dentro do avião – Inside the airplane

  • Avisos padrões de companhias aéreas – Standard airline announcements

  • Controle de passaporte e alfândega – Passport control and customs

  • Pegando malas e saindo do aeroporto – Getting your bags and leaving the airport

  • Lista de vocabulário: aeroporto e avião - Vocabulary list: airport and airplane


MÓDULO 3: No hotel - At the hotel

  • Fazendo reserva – Making a reservation

  • Fazendo check-in – Checking in

  • Pedindo serviço de quarto – Ordering room service 

  • Conversando com a recepção – Talking to the concierge

  • Fazendo check-out – Checking out

  • Lista de vocabulário: coisas que encontramos em hotéis - Vocabulary list: things we find in hotels


MÓDULO 4: No restaurante - In the restaurant

  • Fazendo reserva – Making a reservation

  • Simulação de diálogo em um restaurante – Dialogue simulation in a restaurant

  • Lista de vocabulário: comida e bebida - Vocabulary list: food and beverage


MÓDULO 5: Fazendo compras - Shopping

  • Simulação de diálogo em uma loja de roupas – Dialogue simulation in a clothing store

  • Simulação de diálogo em um supermercado – Dialog simulation in a supermarket

  • Lista de vocabulário: roupas - Vocabulary list: clothes


MÓDULO 6: Conversando com brasileiros - Talking to Brazilians

  • Como iniciar uma conversa – How to start a conversation

  • Como responder às perguntas mais comuns – How to answer the most common questions


MÓDULO 7: Dicas sobre o Brasil - Tips about Brazil

  • Quando viajar ao Brasil? – When to travel to Brazil?

  • Quais lugares visitar? – What places to visit?

We don't have reviews for this course yet because it's brand new. If you would like to know what our students say about us, see below for some comments from students who have taken our beginners course.


"I loved this course! I have tried a few different methods for learning Portuguese in the last year or so, and Speaking Brazilian has by far improved my skills the most. I valued having classes led by native speakers, weekly live courses to practice speaking, and easy access to comprehensive materials to work on throughout the week! I recently got married, my husband is Brazilian, and he has noted my improvements in understanding and speaking Portuguese after taking this course. Thank you!!"

—  Sydney A.

Meet your teacher

Virginia Langhammer

Virginia Langhammer - Founder and Director

Teaching Portuguese as a second language has become my passion since I moved to NYC in 2013. 


I created this online school in 2018, and since then I’ve been teaching students from all over the world, helping them with their personal and professional goals.


I've been always passionate about languages. I speak Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish. My knowledge of foreign language learning gives me the best tools to help my students in their learning journey.

I'm looking forward to helping you improve your Portuguese!

Your teacher,


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