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Fun facts about Brazil

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1. Brazil has the largest communities of Italian, Japanese and Lebanese descent in the world.

Currently, Brazil is home to the largest population of Japanese origin outside Japan.

It is estimated that approximately 2 million Japanese and their descendants live in Brazil, mainly in São Paulo State.

And look how interesting: Brazil's Lebanese community is larger than Lebanon's population. Isn't that crazy? Lebanon currently has a population of approximately 6 million inhabitants, and it is estimated that around 10 million Lebanese descendants live in Brazil.

And when we talk about Italians in Brazil, the numbers are much higher!

It is estimated that over 30 million Brazilians are of Italian descent, especially in southern and southeastern Brazil.

2. People from São Paulo eat around a million pizzas a day.

Paulistanos love pizza! Thanks to our Italian heritage, the city of São Paulo has around six thousand pizzerias.

I did some research to try and find out how many pizzas are consumed in São Paulo. Some articles say over a million a day; others say seven or eight hundred thousand. It doesn't matter. The truth is that people from São Paulo eat a lot of pizza, and the pizza in São Paulo is delicious!

3. São Paulo has the biggest helicopter fleet in the world.

São Paulo is the only city in the world with air traffic control exclusively for helicopters.

If you saw a traffic jam in São Paulo, you would understand why there are so many helicopters in the city.

Obviously, only rich people have access to this kind of luxury. São Paulo is the wealthiest city in Brazil, but unfortunately, it has a high level of social inequality.

4. Voting is mandatory in Brazil.

According to the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court, voting is mandatory for literate voters between 18 and 70 years old.

The penalty for not voting includes:

  • Not being able to have or renew a passport or ID.

  • Not being able to apply for public sector employment.

  • If you are already a public servant, you may lose your job or not receive your salary until you regularize your electoral situation.

It sounds complicated, but it's actually simple. If you are unable to vote for some reason, you can easily submit a form to justify your absence.

5. In Brazil, you cannot get your own gas.

At all gas stations in Brazil, someone will always be available to put gas in your car.

The name of this profession is called "frentista", that person who will fill up your car and often help with other things.

At some stations, the "frentista" will offer to clean your car's window, check the water and oil, inflate the tires, and do other things.

6. Topless is not allowed in Brazil.

I know Brazilian women are famous for wearing tiny bikinis, but you won't see anyone topless on our beaches.

Although topless is not prohibited by law in Brazil, a person can be arrested for indecent exposure. I've heard some news of women who were arrested for it. You can wear a tiny thong bikini, but you can't go topless!

7. Brazilian motels are not what you think they are.

Brazilian motels are hotels used for amorous rendezvous, usually located by the road.

If you drive through Brazil, you will see many motels on the road. But if you are looking for a regular place to rest and spend the night, I recommend you look for a hotel (with H).

That's it, everyone!

Até a próxima!

Your teacher,



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